~The Calvary Road by Roy Hession~

This is probably one of the most soul searching books I’ve ever read. The main issue it addresses is that of true revival. I know this is a commonly preached on and talked about topic and every year most churches have “revival services”, and thank the Lord for them! Believe me, I’m not against them or downgrading them in anyway, I just think that we have serious misconceptions of revival. We always come to revival services with the idea that it will be a time of souls being saved, and once again, this is many time a wonderfully realized result, but it’s still not to be the main focus. The main focus of revival is for each of us to do some serious soul searching in the Light of God’s Word, and confessing the things that have hindered us from the close relationship we are to maintain with our precious Savior and Lord!

So, that was a bit of a rabbit-trail, but back to the original topic, this book is probably one I would put close to the top of a list of books that encourage you to examine yourself, your attitudes and responses, and your walk with the Lord. Speaking from personal experience, you will come away with a whole new perspective of what is really expected of us in the Christian life. I first started it, with a friend to do as a Bible study, wanting something that would prompt some good discussions, but hoping it wouldn’t step on my toes too much. Whew, it’s never a good idea to go into a Bible study book with that attitude, because most likely the first thing you’re going to be convicted about is that very attitude. We have to be willing to let the Holy Spirit work in our lives and show us the areas that are displeasing to the Lord and need changing, and then we have to be willing to implement the changes. This does not come naturally to us humans who daily struggle with the flesh, but that is where prayer has a major role. Praying before Bible reading and study, with a heart of humility and sincerity before God is essential to truly grasping Bible truths, and then we have to pray again for help to do what the Lord has shown us. So to put it plainly, prayer is key, and this book was no exception. I started into it, but I hadn’t gotten very far before I had to stop and pray for forgiveness and a willing heart to learn. The second thing I recommend is working through it slowly (but consistently). Given how we decided to do the Bible study, I would read a chapter through once, then maybe in a day or 2 read over it again more slowly, meditating, digesting, and underlining the truths that really spoke to me. So like I said, take time with this book.

To finish up, I will say that at times the author drew some analogies, that I think were somewhat extra-Biblical. He made some good applications, but then occasionally he would stretch it a little too far, and so there were a couple points I didn’t agree with 100%.

So to give it an overall rating, I’d give it  4 ½ of 5 stars!!! 🙂

Here’s the link to get it free on Amazon!


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