“The Path to a Modest Lifestyle” by Amanda Leite


” When you’re obeying His commands and serving the Lord there is a certain satisfaction that you feel. Serving Him brings you great joy and pride. But what about giving yourself and your life to Him entirely? In giving Him your life, that includes giving Him your appearance, your attitude and your heart’s desire. You are a daughter of the one true King. It’s time to step into the life that God has meant for you to live; one filled with confidence in your natural beauty and grace. Let His glory shine through you, bringing His light to the world. Within these pages you’ll learn to unlock your natural beauty that God has given you.”

As a young lady who is pursuing a modest lifestyle myself, I really appreciated this little book. Reading Amanda’s testimony of how the Lord brought her on this journey was beautiful since she was admittedly a “tomboy”. I really appreciated her emphasis on seeking and following the Lord’s leading in this matter, and the fact that we aren’t just following a bunch of rules but we’re seeking to fulfill our role of Biblical womanhood. Also I appreciated the fact that she backed everything up with Scripture.

Just a couple things I would mention are that she didn’t use the KJV which is my preference, and at times she seemed a little repetitive. Other than that, this was a great, encouraging little read, and I would recommend specifically for young ladies and women who are beginning to seek a modest lifestyle.

So don’t hesitate…go ahead and purchase your own copy here.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Amanda!


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