“The Letter (Hills of Innocence Trilogy Book 2)” by Willowy Whisper

Howdy folks! I’m here today to spotlight a new book from author, Willowy Whisper.

Do you like romantic suspense set in the Old West? Then you just might like this book!

It is the second in the Hills of Innocence Trilogy, but even though I hadn’t read the first book, it was just fine as a stand alone novel.


First it was just a letter, maybe a joke, a coincidence. Now it was more than that. Now it was a living nightmare, threatening everyone he loved, pulling his greatest fear into a reality . . .

As the letters keep coming, Brock Sumner watches his world shatter at his feet. Building a wall around his heart seemed like the only answer. Is there any other way to protect the woman he loves?

A drunk, with no incentive to change; a runaway, with a price on his back; a young child, afraid in the dark . . .

Will the letters, perhaps, pull their lives together? Or will the killer find a way to destroy them all?

Sound like something you’re interested in? Why don’t you check it out here?


Willowy Whisper is a seventeen-year-old author. Living in the quiet hills
of West Virginia, Willow writes novels, short stories, and blog posts. She
is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and an incurable romantic.

If you would like to connect with Willowy, you can find her at the following links.

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