“First Impressions” by Debra White Smith


Lawyer Eddi Boswick tries out for a production of Pride and Prejudice in her small Texas town. When she’s cast as the lead, Elizabeth Bennet, her romantic co-star is none other than the town’s most eligible–and arrogant–bachelor.

This story had some great elements that I really enjoyed! First of all, I enjoyed the way she changed certain elements of the original P&P story such as the relationship between Dave Davidson (Mr. Darcy) and his aunt. Instead of a certain animosity between them, he really respects and cares for her basically as his own mother (his parents are dead). Also his back story was unique and I very much enjoyed the way it developed. I would have to say he was pretty much my favorite character and not because he’s Mr. Darcy, but because of the unique character she gave him as Dave Davidson. The other characters were basically well done, but I sometimes found myself annoyed with them.

So now it comes to confession time. This was actually not my favorite book. First of all, it’s never a good idea to read two re-tellings of the same story in a row. Now I realize that was my own fault so I’m not docking stars for that, but it’s just a little heads up.

Honestly, I think the thing that annoyed me first off, was the ‘attraction’ between them that was pretty much without basis except for their looks. They both kept talking about how much they couldn’t stand the other person, yet trying to find opportunities to be around the other. It just kinda turned me off.

Secondly, there is a good bit of sensuality in this book especially in the second half where unnecessary details are written out of the relationship between Linda (Lydia), and Rick Wallace (Wickham). I was very surprised and disappointed in this.

Lastly, the spiritual content was pretty weak, though as Dave’s story progresses you see it come out a little more.

I will say that the ending was very satisfactory and for that reason my rating on this is 2 1/2 stars rounding up to 3.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.


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